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Person-marking, verb classes, and the notion of grammatical alignment in Western Pantar Lamma.

Klamer, Marian. One items, many faces: 'come' in Teiwa and Kaera. The role of animacy in Teiwa and Abui Papuan. Proceedings of the Berkeley Linguistics Society Nitbani, Semuel H. Struktur Bahasa Lamma.

Mouton Grammar Library [Mgl] series in order (Page 3) -

Steinhauer, Hein. Miscellaneous Studies in Indonesian and Languages of Indonesia, ed. Peodjosoedarmo, Jakarta: Universitas Atma Jaya. Papers in Papuan Linguistics, no.

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Pacific Linguistics A Canberra: Australian National University. Bahasa Blagar Selayang Pandang. Panorama bahasa Nusantara, ed.

#10 Derivations from a Grammar and Parse Tree (Left Derivation and Right Derivation Tree)

Stokhof, W. Preliminary notes on the Alor and Pantar languages East Indonesia.

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Pacific Linguistics B Asafa, J. Woiskia I: An Ethnographic Introduction. Pacific Linguistics D Annotations to a text in the Abui language. Bijdragen tot de Taal, Land en Volkenkunde 1. A short Kabola text. Wurm on his 65th Birthday, ed. Winter, Pacific Linguistics C Woiskia II: Phonemics.

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Holle lists, vocabularies in languages of Indonesia, vol. Ross, Malcom. Pronouns as a preliminary diagnostic for grouping Papuan languages. Papuan Pasts: Cultural, linguistic and biological histories of Papuan-speaking peoples ed. Pacific Linguistics PL Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.

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Wurm, S. The Trans-New Guinea Phylum in general. Located some 1, km from their putative Papuan neighbors on the New Guinea mainland, they are the most distant westerly Papuan outliers. This volume presents a grammatical description of one of these 'outlier' languages. The grammar is based on primary field data, collected by the author in Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Partners MySchool Discovery. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name.

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