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It is a rare disease about cases up to 11 and in literature it is discussed controversially, thus, a clear definition cannot be taken. Landau-Kleffner Syndrome occurs exclusively in children, the time of onset being between the age of two to thirteen. Nevertheless, adults may suffer from the consequences of the disease.

What is Aphasia? (Language Disorder)

Furthermore, boys are twice as often contracted by LKS as girls. Consequently, a discrepancy between verbal and nonverbal intellectual abilities is apparent. Acquired aphasia in LKS can be subdivided into two groups.

Aphasia: An Overview | The Learning Corp

One group consists of those children who initially have got problems in understanding speech receptive aphasia. Since 90 percent of all children suffering from LKS belong to this group 20 , research is concentrated on it and sometimes LKS is even reduced to this group. The verbal-auditory agnosia is then followed by a rapid reduction of spontaneous speech and may result in a complete loss of it. The second group consists of those children, whose disorders are mainly in producing speech and who do not have problems with understanding it.

Electroencephalography measures electrical activities of the brain.

They have convulsions in both the left and the right hemisphere which are more frequent and more intensive during sleep. Furthermore, about 70 to 80 percent of the children suffering from LKS do not only show latent epilepsy, but show observable clinical seizures. Thus, children do not necessarily have to show clinical epilepsy, but it is very prevalent. There is an important discussion about the correlation between epilepsy and aphasia.

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Researchers argue about if both symptoms arise from independent causes or if they are consequences of the same cerebral dysfunction. There are mainly two hypotheses. The one claims that there is a direct connection between aphasia and epilepsy.

Acquired Aphasia

Researchers found out that in some cases an improvement of the electrical seizure activity is followed by an improvement of aphasia. They conclude that aphasia is a consequence of epilepsy. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 25 4 , Whitworth, A. Aphasiology, 29, Keywords: Aphasia, sentence production, frequency effects, Construction grammar, verbs. Presentation Type: Platform Sessions. Topic: Student Submissions.

Frequency effects in sentence production in acquired aphasia: a preliminary investigation. Copyright: The abstracts in this collection have not been subject to any Frontiers peer review or checks, and are not endorsed by Frontiers. They are made available through the Frontiers publishing platform as a service to conference organizers and presenters. Received: 22 Apr ; Published Online : 15 Aug This action requires you to be registered with Frontiers and logged in. To register or login click here. Javascript is disabled. Please enable Javascript in your browser settings in order to see all the content on this page.

All Rights Reserved. Event Abstract Back to Event. Frequency effects in sentence production in acquired aphasia: a preliminary investigation Elizabeth C. Cowell 1. Login Required This action requires you to be registered with Frontiers and logged in. Abstract Info. Export Citation.

1 Introduction

The Authors in. Paradis , Acquired Aphasia in Bilingual Speakers. Payne , Ethnocultural Dynamics and Acquired Aphasia.

Sarno and G. Sarno , Recovery and Rehabilitation in Aphasia.

Children with a History of Acquired Aphasia

Praise for Third Edition "This is a comprehensive source covering many aspects of acquired aphasia from its historical, clinical, intellectual, and psychological components The additions of aphasia in the bilingual person and multicultural issues are incredibly important and reflect the cultural changes that have occurred since the second edition was published. A comprehensive, logically organized book, quite useful as a basic classroom aphasia text. Praise for Second Edition "This is a comprehensive and well-organized sampling of updated topics with excellent contributors.

Those who found the first edition useful will want the revision for their library, along with other clinicians and researchers who want a reliable, practical text, as well as a summary of recent advances. All chapters are written by leading experts In summary, this is an essential book for anyone interested in the study of aphasias. It covers nearly all aspects of aphasia, and each chapter compiles a wealth of information that readers from different disciplines will find theoretically relevant and practically useful. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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