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The s saw the development of the college game Assassin, in which all players are given a living target on campus, into a proper LARP by creating the gold standard for its rules by students at MIT. The H.

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In recent years, Nordic countries have seen the development of much more creative and experimental LARPs, like the ones described by Stark and Condon. Last year, at a lecture at the Larpwriter Summer School in Lithuania, larpwright and interaction designer Eirik Fatland described games in which couples break up as well as LARPs set in ad agencies or in Dr.

Strangeglove— like nuclear showdowns.

Great pretenders

And this is to say nothing of LARPing's similarity to performance art. They play video games.

But those experiences don't really put you into a fantasy. They don't allow you to experience it. They don't allow you to become a full person in those worlds. Under the names of respectively Knutepunkt, Knutpunkt, Solmukohta and Knudepunkt it has taken place every year since In it takes place in Denmark, and on that occasion this book is published. Now, seven years after, the situation is quite different.

Joint ventures between the countries have been undertaken and players are happy to travel beyond their own borders to participate in other countries events. With this book we are trying to collect some of the Knudepunkt magic.

Knudepunkt has always been a forum where innovation and creativity have flourished and where people from the Nordic countries have shared their visions and dreams for the future of larp. The book, like Knudepunkt itself, is about moving on from yesterday into tomorrow. The aim is to help the Knudepunkt newbie up to date - as well as spawn creativity, innovation and ideas. There is nothing as practical as a good theory. That is the foundation for this book. Within these pages, you can find ideas, advices and practical solutions to your problems and questions about larp.

Books about Roleplaying Games. Knutepunkt Books. Reading for Periodicals, Adventure Books, etc. Carsten Andreasen. Christian Badse. Martin Enghoff. Eirik Fatland. Denkyu Sebastian Gundel. Henri Hakkarainen. Ryan Rohde Hansen. Tuomas Harviainen.

A Community of Gamers: Discourse analysis and LARP House Rules | Fieldguide

That particular larp, played in Stockholm, restaged Shakespeare's play into a bunker in an alt-historical Denmark in the 's, where the royalty and whoever managed to get in before the doors closed are partying and plotting like it's the end of the world while revolution rages outside. I didn't actually "get" Hamlet from the article like I get the other larps in the book. The article in Nordic Larp feels slightly vague and perhaps falls victim to the sensationalism itself. The collection is also available online. This article, I feel, would've benefited from some actual anecdotes about how the theatrical plays interacted with game play.

However, this one has even more written about it, mostly in another Knutepunkt book, Playground Worlds edited by guess who? Those two are the only articles I found insufficient in detail or information. For the most part, the book's articles tell me sufficiently about their topics to satisfy my curiosity, and tell me where to go for more.

Nordic Larp also includes the quintessential Nordic art larp, Luminescence , which is about a therapy group for people with terminal cancer, set in kilos of flour. There's a four-part post series about it on the LARPwriting blog. I'd also link the 4chan thread, but I can no longer find it. It was very entertaining in a "whoa, are these people stupid" kinda way. Then there are the less controversial but still interesting games, like The Executive Game , which was a series of five games, inspired by The Sopranos , about a mafia poker game five-card draw, in case you're interested , and Mellan himmel och hav Between Heaven and Sea , which explored the concept of gender and marriage.

In the game's world, far more important than one's physical sex was their soltid , the new gender system that replaced male and female. You were either a morning person or an evening person. Marriages were between four people - an evening man and woman, and morning man and woman. The game was inspired by Ursula K. There are also essays discussing the game in Beyond Role and Play , for the curious. Mellan himmel och hav is a bit of an oddball among the serious drama larps, since I think it's the only one in the book that wasn't focused on some aspect of human misery.

In Closing Nordic Larp sets out to present the full scale of what you can do in a larp and how people have done it, be it entertainment, social commentary or artistic expression. I think it accomplishes all of this, and looks good doing it. It's an excellent introduction to the topic and tells you where to go for further information though I can't actually find web addresses for any of the Knutepunkt books, which might be handy to have since they're free online. Though it uses concepts and terminology developed in the study of larp, it explains those concepts as it goes and does not require prior familiarity, merely an open mind.

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  4. It's a fucking awesome book. It's big, it's well written and it looks beautiful, which is important for a coffee-table book like this. What quibbles I have are relatively minor. If you have any interest at all in the topic, I can heartily recommend you buy it.

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    May 21, Whitney rated it really liked it. Still, it's interesting to see the breadth of games developed over the last several years, the push and pull between ludology and art, and how people personally interacted with these experiences. Mar 24, Carnelian Moss King rated it really liked it. This anthology of larps was a great primer and now I have a lot more context on the various games which have shaped the Nordic LARPing scene as it is now. Very insightful as far as exposing the reader to methods and mechanisms for how play was created.

    LARP: Crash Course Games #26

    Jan 15, Anna rated it really liked it. I have a sad suspicion, that my larping experiance was, by now, rather moderate. With a few exeptions, I participated in many badly written, badly planned and badly organised larps. I know people who had VISION, but problems with realising it, people who had IDEAS, but doesn't learn at their mistakes and the only good larps they made were made with massive help of the others To be honest, I also know some really awesome larp writers Last but not least, I know my own larp-writing is chaotic I have a sad suspicion, that my larping experiance was, by now, rather moderate.

    Last but not least, I know my own larp-writing is chaotic, lacks pourpose, structure and I know little about larping theory. I decided to educate myself: for the sake of both my play and writing. Ok, that was probably to long introduction, but important. I search for knowledge and inspiration and I chose "Nordic Larp" as a begining, because of the status of nordic larping in Poland which is abigous, by the way.