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Special Issue on: "The Impact of Soft Computing Methods in Software Engineering and Big Data" Ankit Chaudhary, Maharishi University of Management, USA.

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Wanting to fully understand sound, she went on to learn the technical side of audio engineering.

After a decade in Chicago working as an audio engineer on jingles, audiobooks, as well as post-production commercial and film, Lesley Ann found herself frequently on the other side of the microphone. Her voice has been heard on over a hundred audiobooks, industrials, film, and national commercials. DeCandido, Jeff J. I have worked with her on numerous projects — as voice talent, sound designer, mixer, voice director and talent coordinator. Her Professionalism is stellar and she is truly a joy to work with.

I am pleased to name Lesley Fogle as my "go to" audio Professional. While I am thrilled to work with Lesley for any of my set audio, post audio engineering needs or even talent coaching on microphone technique because of her craft savvy, her enthusiasm and easy-going personality make every project she's a part of just more fun.

I don't think I'll ever get beyond my state of awe while listening to Lesley. There were lines she delivered so well I nearly forgot that I'd written them. She has a gift for bringing things to life. Really, I'm just blown away by her talent. Fogle during the recent production of my first novel. Not only is she incredibly professional, but she understands the delicate nature involved in bringing fictional characters to life.

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Fogle was open to my suggestions, and performed a flawless Canadian accent as per my request. She also has a great singing voice! I'd be honored to work with Ms. Fogle in the future, and feel confident she could master any narrative if given the opportunity. I never once didn't want to stop listening to the story except to work and sleep. I loved the printed book. It's such a sweet story, however, the audio version of this book is absolutely amazing. It was easy to distinguish between the multiple characters in the novel without a fuss.

Bastial Energy (The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 1)

Fogle was able to produce the different accents and voices for the many characters in the story. Her narration flowed well and her voice inflections accurately produced the emotion, mood and feelings the author intended. Although immensely proud of it for a while, I later realized it was almost complete crap.

Years after graduating with my bachelor's degree in creative writing, I continued to scribble down scenes in hopes of one day completing a better version of the story I wanted to tell, meanwhile working Customer Support at a free-to-play video game producer. An injury to my hands left me unable to use them for more than turning on the television, so working a mouse and keyboard eight hours a day was completely out of the question.

Between recovery exercises and visits to many doctors, I used voice recognition software to start writing seriously again, which served as a cure to my painful boredom and a distraction to my even more painful injury.

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Workers comp eventually ran out, and my hands hadn't improved much. Living with my parents, and suffering from an injury that seemed as if it may be permanent, my mood was morose at best. But my novel, Bastial Energy, was nearly done. I published it and was overjoyed at the result of more than a thousand purchases in the first month. Now I am a full-time author.

In terms of writing, I like to outline the entire novel before writing the first draft.

Bastial Explosion (The Rhythm of Rivalry: Book 3) (27 page)

I love to write and feel thankful I can spend every day doing just that. My 17 fantasy novels all take place in the same world, but each series introduces a new story with the first book of that series and concludes that story with the final book. Because each series takes place after the previous series, some of the previous characters make small appearances while others find themselves heavily involved with new plots and protagonists.

You can start with any "Book 1" without missing anything important to the series, but if you wish to start at the very beginning of it all and follow the progress of everything in order, I am putting a timeline of all my books at the bottom. Some other good starting places are with Kin of Kings or Awaken if you wish to try the most popular of my books first.

You can always return to the beginning after finishing any of the more recent series. I also love to hear from readers! Feel free to email me at brian btnarro.


In short, while the story was wonderful, the narrator quickly became intolerable, as the manner in which she personified the characters was in my opinion, detrimental to the entire background of the story. Once again a story that could have been fun and exciting was ruined by a truly awful narrator. This novel follows the wartime activities of a group of students, both human and of other races. The students at this academy learn special skills such as potion making, fighting, magic, and psyche. They are sent on missions because of the academy is a critical component of the war effort.

In addition, the novel follows the movements of two of the enemy species, Krepps.

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One of the Krepps is allied with the humans that are the main characters and novel is exploring his adjustment to living amongst the humans. First and foremost, one of the biggest issues that I have with this novel, is that it cannot stand alone. At the beginning, different races were being introduced by name as if the reader should already know them. This would have been the case if I had read the first two books. As I had not, I needed to do some research on the internet to get an idea of what the premise of the whole series was and get familiar with some basics that were mentioned.

As soon as I did that, I felt much better about the entire book, but I definitely felt as if I was missing some things. It was as if, I has started a novel in the middle. Similarly, the end of was abrupt without much conclusion in this novel. However, listening to this novel got me hooked. While some of the dialogue and romantic motivations were a little juvenile, the action in the novel is captivating and the world building pretty great.

My mind did not wander and I was anxious to see what happened next.

I think the character development could be improved. Sometime they seemed a little flat and their actions simply plot devices. While Lesley Ann Fogle did a great job with the different voices, there were two aspects of the narration that bothered me a lot. First, and minor, at least in the beginning, I noticed an echo-y quality to the sound, implying that the narrator was sitting in a room were the sound carries.

The Novice: Summoner Book One - Chapter 1

It was distracting and probably a production quality issue. Second, and more important, the ends of chapters were not read with any finality.