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How To Hydroponics- 4th Edition

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Hydroponics — Questions and Answers for Successful Growing. This book focuses on small-scale hydroponics for beginners. If you want to jump right into hydroponics without learning too much of the underlying theory, then this is the book for you. Kind of like the hydroponic herb garden or two liter bottle garden guides that I have put out — just all compiled into a book for you. Another classic from Howard Resh.

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This book focuses more on the practical applications. How to set up a hydroponic operation, nutrient and plant physiology recommendations, and how to formulate nutrients properly. I highly recommend buying the hardcover of this one — it will be a reference book for years to come.

If you find yourself having more specific questions as you progress in hydroponics, this is the book for you. Features questions and answers from hydroponic growers with detailed answers from the field — real, practical advice that will help you improve your methods and yields. In keeping with my philosophy of learning the fundamentals so you can apply them in your growing, this book brings it back to the basics.

How To Hydroponics- 4th Edition. How To Hydroponics 4th Edition. Item Number:.

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5 Great Hydroponic Books For Beginners

You Save:. SKU How-To Hydroponics, 4th edition, has been completely revised to share with you the incredible benefits of hydroponic gardening in a hands-on, easy to follow format that anyone can understand. Hydroponics is healthy, safe and fun for the whole family, as a hobby, or means of additional income.

Learn Hands-On At Your Own Pace Which plants to grow, how to start from seeds and how to take cuttings to preserve, and propagate your favorite plants.

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Learn what makes plants grow and how to create the perfect garden environment indoors and out, even how to grow year round! How-To Hydroponics can help anyone overcome a brown thumb! Step-By-Step Plans And Photographs Learn to build and operate eight types of hydroponic systems from inexpensive materials and save hundreds, even thousands of dollars doing so.