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Special Issue on: "The Impact of Soft Computing Methods in Software Engineering and Big Data" Ankit Chaudhary, Maharishi University of Management, USA.

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Thus, the traditional radio engineer attempts to ensure interoperability, at least among various radio entities, by achieving three objectives:.

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Hence, the Commission established the national mutual aid channels among other standards with published rules Part 90 of 47 CFR for their use by multiple entities. The point here is that the first principle of interoperability is for all entities to use the same operating parameters. This fundamental precept is valid whether the network is one that uses radio transmissions or the network is a local, wide area, or international computer network. Adequate signal coverage The second objective is of limited flexibility since the Commission limits the amount of power that a particular transmitter may use depending on the frequency range of operation.

By nature, this constraint limits the potential range over which a signal can be transmitted.

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Hence the robustness of radio interoperability is always dependent on the radio coverage afforded all of the users. This also includes alternative connectivity provided by auxillary transmissions such as those used by some satellite services that are augmented by terrestrial transmitters.

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Scalability The third objective is inherent in the operation of the network. Asynchronous communication: describes when devices, such as computers, rely on their own internal clocks; it provides connectivity to printers, modems, fax machines, etc.

AS Autonomous system : a collection of IP networks under the control of a single entity B bearer channel: carries voice, video, image, or data traffic, depending upon the equipment and applications available Bandwidth: expressed in a range of frequencies using hertz as the unit of measurement; also called analog capacity Base 2 System: binary number system, only two discrete values 0 and 1 are possible and all numbers are a combination of these two characters; digital signals are numbers sent in the Base 2 system.

Bluetooth: a specification that allows mobile phones, computers, and PDAs to be connected wirelessly over short ranges Bps: bits per second: a common measure of data speed for computer modems and transmission carriers BRI basic rate interface : an integrated services digital network configuration, usually intended for the home and small enterprise see also PRI Bricks and clicks: a business that existed pre-internet that now uses ecommerce technology to sell on the internet Bridge: interprets the LAN hardware adapter address contained in MAC and decide whether to filter or forward the frame; does not change the frame in any way.

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