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They deal with the same issues that real middle class, 9-year-old girls deal with, like friends, siblings, and parents.


In this installment, Bean is 'forced' into captivity with her older sister as the babysitter. Ivy helps her 'escape' and find more trouble. This chapter book has occasional sketches and illustrations that help readers visualize the girls' plight. Readers will also enjoy the ideas that Ivy and Bean come up with for games and activities.

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Called away from an exciting game of volcano, involving a gargantuan mound of dirt in Sophie W. To add insult to injury, Nancy is getting paid for being her babysitter! Determined to escape from this 'captivity,' Bean summons Ivy to her aid, by means of a distress flag which she ends up having to toss out her window at her oblivious friend , and the two are soon plotting away. Will Nancy be able to rescue them, when they accidentally lock themselves in?

All the mean-spirited brattiness that my online friend Marian decried, in her review of the first book, is very much in evidence here.

Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter: Book 4

Somehow, despite some rather dubious incidents like throwing worms into her sister's face! But here, as I watched Ivy and Bean create a mess, which Nancy cleaned up for them, before blackmailing Nancy into sharing some of her baby-sitting money by threatening to expose her makeup adventures , I began to be significantly less charmed. It's clear from the story that Nancy, whatever her snotty eleven-year-old failings, genuinely cares for Bean.

Her panic, when she can't find her screaming younger sister, is genuine. So Bean and Ivy's behavior just seemed obnoxious to me. I realize that sisterly relationships can sometimes be rather fraught - I fought like cats and dogs with my closest older sister, when a girl - but still felt that, building on the previous book, in which Bean was able to admit that someone else was right, and that she was wrong, that there should have been something a little more balanced here.

A twinge of conscience, if you will. Still, despite the failings of this book - and I found it the weakest, of the five I have read thus far - I still recommend the series. It has some very good qualities, I think - engaging characters, charming illustrations, some very intelligent dialogue - in addition to its flaws. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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Annie Barrows; Sophie Blackall. Walmart After months of begging their parents for ballet lessons, Ivy and Bean finally get what they wanted It turns out ballet lessons are actually about learning how to dance gracefully. If only the girls It's the Science Fair! Some kids are making man-eating robots.


Some kids are holding their breath for a very, very long time. Some kids are doing interesting things with vacuum cleaners.

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The theme, obviously, is global warming Ivy and Bean need some money. Ten dollars, to be exact. It's for low-fat Belldeloon cheese in a special just-for-one serving size.

Annie Barrows

Don't ask why. Hey, maybe they should write a newspaper Ivy and Bean are always up to something.