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Sound Mapping the New Testament

Click E-sword is one of the best free Bible study software available. Multiple reference resources can be downloaded free of charge, easily installed.

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Online video tutorials. Many of my students have downloaded this program and all have given positive reviews. If you don't have a computer Bible program, consider this program. Timeline - Primarily Historical Events.

  • Padé Approximation and its Applications Bad Honnef 1983: Proceedings of a Conference held at Bad Honnef, Germany March 7–10, 1983.
  • Map of all places mentioned in the Bible;
  • Breaking the Banks in Motor City: The Auto Industry, the 1933 Detroit Banking Crisis and the Start of the New Deal.

Click the link above - the page that opens has a timeline at the top of the page. This timeline deals primarily with historical events related to Christianity beginning in AD a few events in the BC tab. Click the tab of the date range you are interested in and then click on specific people or events.

Map of Old Testament Events

Interesting especially for us history aficionados. From Christian History Institute. Down load, print, publish, power-point project the pictures!

These pictures are originals and from my brief review comparing the actual picture to what the Scripture states appear to accurately picture the people, places and events in God's Holy Word. Another powerful use of these pictures would be in presentation of the gospel cross culturally short term or long term mission trips, to hidden peoples who do not yet have the Scriptures in their language or for that matter lack an actual written language!

Many of these maps are old style layout and not as attractive as many modern maps. Paul's Journey Unbound Bible To walk through each of Paul's missionary journeys city by city click the following links for the map beneath which are the cities. The images retrieved include classics by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, etc. Remember - do not include quotation marks - any phrase in quotation marks produces a search for that exact phrase whereas words without quotation marks will search for a combination that includes all the words on one page.

Now type the same two word but this time remove the quotation marks and you retrieve 36, hits! Both with Moderate SafeSearch on - searching without a filter is not recommended!

Sound Mapping the New Testament - Margaret E. Lee - Bernard Brandon Scott - Westar Institute

And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number believed and turned to the Lord Acts - It was only after a body of believers existed in Syrian Antioch that the "mother" church in Jerusalem sent Barnabas to find out what was happening! He then sought out Paul to help teach the new believers who were gathering before they arrived Acts - Maps used in this series do not show all possible cities where early Christians lived or where all fellowships existed during the period of the New Testament.

This is because the Bible sometimes records believers living in general areas of the Roman world and does not specify an exact location. For example, although Scripture states churches existed in the areas of Judea, Galilee and Samaria Acts it does not provide a detailed city list. More Churches!

Early Christian Writings as a Witness for Jewish Biblical Exegesis

What was the primary cause of New Testament churches forming soon after the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Where, on a map, were each of these fellowships located? How many of them were started?

Who begun each of these groups? Cities visited by Apostle Paul. Roman Empire in first century map. How to start a church! Map of Paul's first missionary journey. Was Rome the greatest world empire? Who can preach the Gospel?