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He is principally responsible for the passing of a pact that brought together the diverse components of the political spectrum in collaborated legislature, whilst also isolating disruptive forces such as the military and ETA. A seven-member panel of representatives from the main political groups constructed the fundamental principles.

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The Constitution declared Spain to be a democracy with a monarchy. It also proclaimed the absence of an official state religion, a shift towards a free market economy, partial decentralization of state to satisfy the demands for regional autonomy, and set out the basic rights and freedoms for all Spaniards. However, it is worth recognising the comparative longevity of the two characters.

Juan Carlos has been lauded as the most stable figure during a precarious period in Spanish history. Lieutenant-Colonel Antonio Tejero seized the entire Spanish political elite in the Congress of Deputies in Madrid, whilst captain-general Milans del Bosch led tanks into the streets of Valencia. He made it clear to the military that he would uphold the Constitution, appearing on television to publicly state that the military coup was an affront against the monarchy and that he would not be forced to leave Spain or abdicate.

Even after the failed coup, Juan Carlos was crucial to the maintenance of a smooth democratic transition by insisting that no resentment be harboured against the military. The transition period was officially over and Spain could now concentrate on the consolidation of democracy. Both were genuinely dedicated to dismantling the Franco regime and bringing democracy to Spain. Without their contributions, the creation of a democratic Spain would not have come to pass so quickly and peacefully. H, Rein R. Related Papers. Incorporating Spain into the Comparative Democratization Syllabus.

By Bonnie N Field. How important were social movements for the collapse of dictatorship in Spain.

Secularization in Spain in the Late 20th Century | Miriam Lazewatsky

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What's wrong with Spain? Political gridlock deepens in Madrid and Barcelona

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The Catholic Historical Review

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