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Series editor Keith R. DeCandido noted that the concept " was about ten years ahead of its time " and so failed to find the audience it needed, just as devices such as the Amazon Kindle entered the market. Although original eBooks returned in , the Corps of Engineers series has not featured among them. However, the characters have made cameo appearances in other novels set in the 24th century. As with the military of the 20th century , there has always been a Corps of Engineers — a group who builds bridges, fixes machines, and solves engineering problems.

In Star Trek , this group solves engineering problems in space that are too complicated, or take too much time, for a larger starship crew to handle. The SCE reports to Captain Montgomery Scott , who serves as their liaison with Starfleet Command and also pitches in when his vast store of knowledge can be of help. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Real World article written from a Production point of view.

We discuss the Elabrej Hegemony, Kurak's crippling alcoholism, a mutiny forming aboard the Gorkon, Leader Wol, Rodek's identity crisis, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

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Michael Jan Friedman. Michael Jan Friedman is one of Star Trek's most prolific authors. Over the course of his association with Star Trek, Mr. Friedman has written or co-written 35 novels, a list that includes original adventures, novelizations, young adult novels, and more. Additionally, he has written 5 Star Trek short stories, 4 reference books, and close to comic adventures for the various Trek crews. Christian Humberg: In the Heart of Chaos. In , a new experiment in the world of Trek lit was attempted: for the first time, Star Trek novels would be published outside the United States in a language other than English.

German publisher Cross Cult, the company that provides German-translated editions of Pocket Books' Trek novels, published its own Star Trek series: Star Trek: Prometheus, a trilogy of novels that tells the story of the Federation confronting radical terrorism, a story that is very relevant to today's world. We discuss the origin of their Trek fandom, how the Prometheus series came about, the ship and crew at the heart of the story, the Son of the Ancient Reds, innocent lives affected by the events of the novel, Raspin and the crew of the I.

Bortas, the Old Ones and their role in ending the crisis, and wrap up with what the authors are currently working on and where you can find them online.

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Keith R. Following the multiple crises of the past year, the Enterprise crew has nearly been vindicated; all that stands in their way is an inspection by Starfleet.

Meanwhile, however, the Klingon Emperor has gone missing, Klingon terrorists have attacked the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS, and a surprise Federation presidential election has threatened to turn nasty. After nine books and nearly pages, the A Time To series is coming to an end! We discuss the series as a whole, Die Hard at the Federation embassy, Worf's son Alexander, Nan Bacco, the politics of the Federation, linking this story to Star Trek Nemesis, the theme of moving on, and wrap up by discussing what's coming up from Keith as well as where you can find him online.

Feature: Keith R. Honor Bound. Gorkon, and Klag has promised that the Klingon Empire will leave their planet in peace. We talk about The Order of the Bat'leth, Leader Wol, Klag as the Klingon Kirk, Klingon duplicity, the San-Tarah and their role in the Empire, some hanging threads for future novels, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

David Mack: A Time to Heal. Federation forces, led by Picard and the Enterprise, have captured Tezwa, a world that threatened to become a flashpoint in a devastating war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. However, as difficult as the attack itself was, the occupation of Tezwa will prove even more difficult, costly, and bloody. And the price that Picard's crew pays in lives may be in the service of a cover-up that reaches to the very highest levels of the Federation We discuss the difference between this book and A Time to Kill, what Starfleet at war is really like, the effect of war on the people involved, Troi's anger, Riker's experiences as a prisoner of Kinchawn, and wrap up with a surprise announcement from David Mack about an upcoming project, as well as where you can find him online!

Since its debut in September of , Star Trek has held a cherished place in the hearts of fans the world over. This beloved show has been covered so extensively in books, documentaries, and retrospectives that we must have learned everything there is to know about it by now, right? If you think you've seen everything there is to see about the series that started it all, I challenge you to pick up the subject of this week's show!

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We discuss how they became fans of Star Trek, the origin of the book, their website startrekhistory. The unthinkable has happened: the red and blue wormholes have come together to signal the annihilation of the universe as we know it.

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However, in a pocket reality, the crew of Deep Space Nine must work to return to their station at one of two points in history. The first: The Day of Withdrawal, when the Cardassians left DS9 at the end of the occupation, and the second: the moment when the red wormhole destroyed the station. Can Sisko and his crew change history and possibly prevent Armageddon? We talk about the crew's individual personal hells, a paradox-filled time-twisting storyline, some lingering mysteries in the story, Arla Ries's surprising arc, Sisko's role as the Emissary, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

A Time to Kill. An explosive situation is brewing on the planet Tezwa. An unhinged leader in control of devastating weapons which were covertly provided by the Federation wants to seize a nearby Klingon planet, throwing the sector into chaos. The origin of the weapons on Tezwa, if revealed, may spark war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

It falls to Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to destroy these weapons before they ignite an interstellar conflict that would rival even the height of the Dominion War! We talk about the fast-paced nature of the novel, conspiracies in the Tezwan and Federation governments, the special ops mission to destroy the weapons, Ambassador Worf's role in the story, a cliffhanger ending, a tragic tale of an android and his emotions, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

A Good Day to Die. For honor The brave officers and crew of the I.

Gorkon embark on a new mission to seek out new life and new civilizations But what lines must be crossed when Klingon lust for expansion comes face-to-face with Klingon honor? We talk about what makes this book different from other Star Trek novels, cultures in transition, lower decks crewmembers, strong female Klingon characters, an enemy worthy of respect, the dilemma faced by Captain Klag at the end of the novel, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

The War of the Prophets. Trapped 25 years in the future, the crew of the U. Defiant is faced with a future that is nearly unrecognizable. Only days away from Armageddon, the galaxy stands on a knife's edge. On the other, the remnants of a Federation nearly brought to its knees.

"Space Seed" Debuted on Feb. 16, 1967

We talk about the events that led us to this point, an alternate future, Weyoun and the Pah-Wraiths, the mysterious Grigari, the mirror universe tactic, Starfleet's desperate "Project Phoenix," and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings. Transformers 1 Robert Greenberger: A Time to Hate. The situation on Delta Sigma IV continues to deteriorate. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E must find a way to stop the violence and introduce a cure that will set the warring people back on the path of peace.

Meanwhile, Riker tracks down his father and learns the terrible truth behind the problems facing the once-peaceful world. Is the Federation truly to blame? We discuss the situation on Delta Sigma IV, the supposed cure, bridging the gap between Insurrection and Nemesis, Riker and Troi's relationship, Riker's relationship with his father, a dark secret revealed at the end of the novel, and we wrap up with what Bob is currently working on and where you can find him online.

Woodward has been dropping hints about on Instagram. The Fall of Terok Nor. Mysterious events are taking place on Deep Space Nine: Quark is accused of murdering a visiting Andorian, Jake and Nog reveal a mysterious, hidden holosuite deep in the bowels of the station, and a fearsome Cardassian scientist arrives for sinister purposes. All of these events relate to a mystery that has lain dormant since the withdrawal of the Cardassian forces from DS9 following the end of the Occupation of Bajor: a lost set of orbs that may have the ability to set the apocalypse in motion!

We talk about the periods of time the book covers, a somewhat confusing but compelling plot, some fun elements of the story, the varied cast of villains, questions we're left with at the end of the novel, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

Star Trek Continues E02 "Lolani"

Diplomatic Implausibility. While some aspects of that life are similar to the years he spent in service to Starfleet, there are many new challenges and attitudes to overcome. When a rebellion on a Klingon-controlled planet threatens to involve the Federation, it's up to Worf to sort out the issue, facing a difficult challenge in diplomacy on his first assignment as Ambassador to the Klingon Empire! We talk about Worf's new role, the crew of the I. A Time to Love. As Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise continue to deal with the fallout from their disastrous mission at the Rashanar battle site, a new crisis threatens to unravel the civilization on an alien colony.

A murder has been committed in a society that has known nothing but peace for a century, and at the center of it all: Kyle Riker, Commander William Riker's father! We talk about the Enterprise's damaged reputation, Troi's efforts to deal with a despondent crew, Kyle Riker's role in a unfolding planetary crisis, a particularly bad case of gas, changes on the horizon for the command crew of the Enterprise, a strange b-plot that has Geordi trading with the Ferengi, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings.

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  • "Space Seed" Debuted on Feb. 16, 1967.
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  • The Farther Shore. A Borg virus slowly spreads all around the Earth. A full-scale holographic rebellion is bringing the service industry to its knees. And in the middle of it all: Admiral Kathryn Janeway and the former crew of the U. With Seven of Nine, Icheb, and The Doctor incarcerated by Starfleet, it's up to their former shipmates to set them free and get to the bottom of the mystery facing them before the entire planet is assimilated!

    We talk about B'Elanna's quest to find her mother, the ultimate badmiral Brenna Covington, Oliver Baines and his holographic revolution, Data's role in the story, and wrap up with our final thoughts and ratings for the novel. In May of , the Starship Voyager took her final on-screen voyage as Captain Janeway ordered her crew to "set a course However, many viewers felt that the ending to Voyager was too abrupt.