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Special Issue on: "The Impact of Soft Computing Methods in Software Engineering and Big Data" Ankit Chaudhary, Maharishi University of Management, USA.

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Research Output

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Streetcars Named Desire

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In search to the examination, we was working and forwarding a efficacious length which would gather years to adjust and make extra entries useful. Visitors use their bodies to form chains between active poles in the space in order to animate the space with new movement, sound, and visual sequences.

These interactions invite people to collectively move through and explore the installation's spaces and the experiences it encourages holding hands, kissing, using differently conductive objects to modulate output results. The human skin and body, mobile and unpredictable, become sensors and the actuators of this active space. Amodal Suspension Rafael Lozano Hemmer rafael lozano-hemmer.

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However, rather than being sent directly, the messages will be encoded as sequences of flashes and sent to the sky with a network of robotically-controlled lights, bouncing around the center of the city, from one searchlight to another. Each light sequence will continue to circulate until somebody "catches" the message and reads it. To catch a text, participants must again use the cell phone or computer programs.

Once a message is read, it will disappear from the sky and it will be shown briefly on a large screen in front of the YCAM center. On the project website people will be able to navigate through the archived messages. The objects move freely either by themselves or at the same time they can be moved by the audienc.

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The people play a game with the objects but also with each other. When a visitor moves one of the objects, the other object will imitate the same movement. When someone else is moving the second object at the same time the contrary is taking place as well.

How Public Art Challenges Public Space - Vardit Gross - TEDxWhiteCity

This means that two visitors can communicate with each other through the objects. They start to push against each other while their physical locations are not related. Intelligent Street Ambigence info ambigence. Users in each space create and adapt the sound in the public space by sending SMS messages from the mobile phone. A text message can combine a number of commands from a menu. For example, 'chill' using 'industrial' sounds Once the 'computer jukebox' receives the text command it goes about gradually changing the music. As a visual representation of the music, the text command that is being played together with a portion of the sender's telephone number will be projected onto the floor.

A web portal will allow users to see and listen to activity in either location. Phonetic Faces Jonah Brucker-Cohen jonah coin-operated. While in front of the installation, visitors call a free number which prompts them to choose images to collage together and allows them to take a new picture of themselves to add the archive.

Ideally, the project would be installed in a public space such as a bus stop or another "waiting" point. This project proposes a waiting environment that is engaging: shelters with personalities that remind us of the poetics of travel. Eine elektronische Anzeigetafel zeigt den aktuellen Stand. A cell phone call triggers a catapult that fires brightly colored paintballs at a large-format screen. If you still don't think this is art, call this number again! Sauna 02 Sponge sponge sponge.

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The inquiry of the project focuses on how we can be immersed in the urban environment, feeling the pulse and fluidity of the surrounding world without bombardment and over-saturation. How can electronic mediation create the sense of a contemplative oasis coincident with urban density?

Through constructing a series of hybrid architectural installations in public spaces-physical structures that are augmented by computer-controlled media, the project aims to explore the realm of noninvasive ambient and textural immersion, rather than information-based immersion. Crime-Z-land Stephen Wilson swilson sfsu. The viewer can experience the crime "pulse" of the city firsthand.

Schouwburgplein West 8 west8 west8. The Schouwburgplein square is equiped with four large hydraulic lighting elements. Their configuration can be interactively altered by the inhabitants of the city by inserting a coin. Public Projections. Greetings from Breda Danielle Roberts info numuseum. A webcam takes a picture every time it detects the motion of a traveller passing.

The picture is scaled up to the point that the portrait is unrecognizably transformed to pixels. Thus rendering the information useless. Overlaying this picture text displays the location the picture was taken and a counter which keeps track of the 'anonymous travellers'. Behind the portrait is a photograph of an everyday scene which changes every hour.

It underlines the individuality of each passenger by echoing his life. This way the traveller is neither a threat nor a potential victim but his self. As soon as passers-by select individual words, thematically related networks of terms start to perform in this flow, which can also be experienced as an audiovisual echo.

The text is thus detached from its linear context and staged as a medial reading in urban space. The Peoples' Portrait Zhang Ga dt parsons. In cities such as Rotterdam, New York, Brisbane or Singapore passers-by can enter special photo booths to have their picture taken, which is then instantly and simultaneously displayed on large screens in all of these cities, including the large Reuters screen on New York's Times Square.

SCCR info s- 77ccr. The first functional tactical command hub is installed on on Karlsplatz, Vienna. Included in the installation is demo-ware that demonstrates the tactical use of S in the civil unrest of the year in Vienna. StalkShow Karen Lancel lancel xs4all. Being surrounded by the audience you are invited to touch the touchscreen and to navigate through an archive of texts about threat of unsafety and isolation.


The texts derive from internet, written by people living in isolation, like a prisoner, a nun, a pilgrim, a digipersona. By webcam and wireless internet connection, your live video portrait appears together with the text on a large projection screen in the same public space. Your 'watching' face watches the watching audience. The StalkShow makes connections between social experiences in the virtual and in the physical space. It is aimed at changing the use of existing controls: 1.

Oleg Pachenkov (European University at St. Petersburg) | New Literary Observer

Hubbub Sha Xin Wei xinwei lcc. As you walk by a Hubbub installation, some of the words you speak will dance in projection across the surfaces according to the energy and prosody of your voice. We capitalize on recognition errors to give a playful character to the space. A Hubbub' installation succeeds to the degree in which strangers who revisit such an augmented space begin to interact with one another socially in ways they otherwise would not. Imagine a loosely formed group of people walking into a mall with chroma-key blue shopping bags. An "unassuming tourist" also enters with a video camera.

As the video of the "shoppers" is captured, it is sent to be processed, filling the profile of the bags with information about the corporate practices of stores the shoppers walk in front of or critical messages about the privatization of space.