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The database includes the full text of the questions and responses covering a broad range of issues. A and over the years the database expanded to include surveys from more than 80 other countries in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Africa, and Asia. Researchers interested in secondary analysis of survey data files can determine studies relevant to their areas of interest. Roper database includes: 1. National Science Foundation Surveys of Public Understanding of Science and Technology, which monitors public attitudes toward a variety of science-related issues and topics since Longitudinal data i.

State Stats Provides data from more than 80 different sources covering more than 15 years at the state level.

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Topics include health care, crime, education, employment, energy, government finances, social welfare, transportation and more. Mapping and graphing tools to compare with other data sets, or export to Excel. Statista Provides quantitative data on media, business, finance, politics, and more. Statistical Abstract of the United States Standard summary of statistics on the social, political and economic organization of the U. Includes data from governmental and private sources.

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Playing second fiddle: Political ads, international newsmakers bury election coverage. Sabato Ed. Kiley, J. As GOP celebrates win, no sign of narrowing gender, age gaps.

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Kilmas, J. Online campaign ads may prove decisive in midterm elections. The Washington Times. Kondik, K. Kreiss, D. Lowry, R. The tired party. Maguire, R. McDonald, M. National general election VEP turnout rates, Present. United States Election Project. Messing, S. Campaign rhetoric and style on Facebook in the U. Montanaro, D. PBS NewsHour. Motel, S.

New York Times. Exit polls. Newport, F. Economy, government top election issues for both parties: Differ most widely on climate change, deficit. Novak, V. Overall spending inches up in Megadonors equip outside groups to capture a bigger share of the pie. Ornstein, N. The curse of the six-year itch. The Atlantic Monthly.

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Panagopoulos, C. Preference dynamic in the congressional midterm elections. Parker, A. Campaigns find ad space finite, even on the web. Power, L. Network news overlooks policy issues in midterm coverage. Media Matters. Public Policy Polling. Americans like witches, the IRS, and even hemorrhoids better than Congress.

Robillard, K. Rucker, P.

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Unlike previous midterm election years, no dominant theme has emerged for Samuelsohn, D. Tech tally: What campaigns learned in Democrats learn tough tech lesson. Selyukh, A. With selfies and listicles, U. Shafer, B. The midterm in the longest run: The puzzle of a modern era. Shepard, S. Democrats lose big in statehouses, too. Sides, J.

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  5. The gamble: Choice and chance in the presidential election. Smith, A. Cell phones, social media and campaign Soergel, A. Elections draw record online audience. Stanley, H. Vital statistics on American politics — Your points will be added to your account once your order is shipped. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! There is no other print source, online source, or Web search engine that provides the wide range and depth of insight found in Vital Statistics on American Politics.

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    The editors consult hundreds of sources to calculate and locate the data, facts, and figures that offer a vivid and multifaceted portrait of the broad spectrum of United States politics and policies. Students, professional researchers, and interested citizens will find chapters devoted to key subject areas such as elections and political parties, public opinion and voting, the media, the three branches of U. For depth of information and ease of use, this updated edition is the best resource of its kind available and should be a key component of all academic and large public library collections.

    As the title infers, this book covers statistics related to politics, such as voter turnout, election results, and campaign finance. However, it also goes beyond the obvious and provides information about the topics that surround and influence politicians in the areas of foreign, social, and economic policy Students, researchers, historians, and everyday citizens will find useful information on the main subjects that surround politics and the entire political system.

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