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Special Issue on: "The Impact of Soft Computing Methods in Software Engineering and Big Data" Ankit Chaudhary, Maharishi University of Management, USA.

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A New Generation of Conservative Leaders

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  4. Young Guns!
  5. Young Guns.

Click on a participant to pop-up their full list of quotations from Young Guns, by Rep. Paul Ryan, Rep.

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Eric Cantor: Not "party of No", but party of principled opposition. Paul Ryan: America is on an unsustainable fiscal path. Kevin McCarthy: Invested lottery winnings to start deli business at age Eric Cantor: Dollars shouldn't go through bureaucrats to get to classroom.

Joseph Pitts: Dollars to the Classroom bill: send 95 cents of every dollar. Eric Cantor: American exceptionalism: we're not an ordinary nation. Eric Cantor: Our enemies resent our beliefs; we are not imperialists. Paul Ryan: America is the most pro-human idea ever conceived.

Analysis: Republican Young Guns make history, draw fire - Reuters

Cory Gardner: Limited government, accountability, and transparency. Eric Cantor: Moratorium on earmarks now; change culture for future. These Young Guns of the House GOP-Cantor the leader , Ryan the thinker , and McCarthy the strategist -are ready to take their belief in the principles that have made America great and translate it into solutions that will make the future even better, solutions that will create private sector jobs, maximize individual freedom, and establish a better world for our children.

This groundbreaking book is a call to action that sets forth a plan for growth, opportunity, and commitment that will propel this country to prosperity once again. Together, the Young Guns are changing the face of the Republican party and giving us a new road map back to the American dream.

Analysis: Republican "Young Guns" make history, draw fire

They're sizzlin' hot, these Young Guns. So when will they take their shirts off?

  • The War Inside the Republican Party?
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  • Young Guns, by Reps. Ryan, Cantor & McCarthy;
  • Young Guns, by Reps. Ryan, Cantor & McCarthy!
  • An Introduction to Gauge Theories and Modern Particle Physics, Volume 2 (Cambridge Monographs on Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics and Cosmology).
  • And is it true that there's a public-bathroom sex tape of The Strategist out there? He's the "wild one.